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What’s in it for Y-O-U?

If your are just starting out on the career road, you might not think any career advice pertains to you just yet.  Wrong.  What happens in the first ten years of your career will likely determine the overall quality for the next 29.  You are looking for help and some answers to those nagging questions all tangled up in your brain.  Look no further. If you are a young executive who sailed through the entry and lower management parts of your career, but then ran into nasty snags and mysterious happenings such as office “politricks” as you moved up in the rank, we should talk.  Likewise, if your are still in school and wondering about the future, or if you have been out of the cozy, idealistic and equitable womb of higher education for a few years and can’t figure out which end is up in the world of work, call me.

If your transitioning from being at home to going back to work, you got to pull it together so you can pitch appropriately and ensure you’re giving the impression that you have the experience and determination to get back in with the sharks. There is much to consider and … call me.

If you are in a career that you are desperate to get out of and try something new and don’t know how to make that switch, call me.

I work with clients on a litany of issues that are facing people today.  Let me teach you what you need to know so you can stop being stressed, make more money, get your job under control and cruise smoothly to the career and lifestyle you want.

My background has been a journey.  My work has spanned the globe and covered every single angle of running a business including:  CEO, HR, sales, marketing, production, biz dev and legal for Fortune 500, privately held companies, family run companies and startups all with a litany of cultures.  I have been hired and fired, I have hired and I have fired people.  My bosses have ranged from CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies to CEO’s of startups and mid level brands whose personalities range from the sensible to the incredulous.  I have been back stabbed and I have back stabbed (although I’m not happy admitting that one).  I come from a tiny town outside of Buffalo, NY and have risen to the top ranks of the world’s media elite without one ounce of help from my parents and not a single course on office politics. So…I wrote a book about it with Marcelle DiFalco.  After starting my own consulting firm and as a CEO of a startup, a fresh set of issues arose which tests the office politics skill set … again and again.

Our internationally-published and critically acclaimed book The Big Sisters Guide to the World of Work provides concrete advice on how individuals can build a strong professional brand. Speeches and workshops can be tailored to your needs, guidelines, and formats.

Sample of Universities, Corporations and Business Groups I have spoken to:

NYU Tisch School of the Arts
Syracuse University
Kraft General Foods
Barnes & Noble
Women’s Entrepreneur Network
Villanova University
Drexel University
Delta Gamma National Convention
NY Graduate School of Journalism
Women in Communication
Mercy College
Mellon Bank

Sample topics are:

  • Reputation:  Your most important asset. Don’t leave home with out it
  • The Seven Dwarves:  Behaviors that make you look small
  • Speaking of Talking:  In order to be seen, you must be heard
  • Y-O-U:  The Ultimate Planning Machine – How to get where you want to go
  • Ugly Stepsisters vs Sistahood: The taming of the shrews
  • A Whole New World: How to avoid office alien-nation
  • Hail to the Chef: How to move the Big Cheese (Your BOSS)