Expert Division

Thinking of Becoming an Expert or Thought Leader Based Upon Your Years of Experience

It can be an arduous process, now made simple.

What’s your niche?  What’s Your Story?  Media Traction is a Must.  What to do 1st, 2nd ….

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Diversity Dynamics

  • Harness the Power of Diversity in Your Office
    • Crash Course in Cultural / Diversity Awareness
  • Generational Dynamics Boot Camp
    • Learn strengths and weaknesses of the FIVE generations working together for the first time in history!
    • Communication, Expectations, Negotiation techniques, Priorities
  • Core of Commonality Program
    • We are all more alike than different
    • Fabulous workshop GUARANTEED to promote conversation which promotes trust
  • In-House Performance Coach
    • On-site expert to witness, listen, respond and work confidentially as needed
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Office Politics

  • The Pillars of Politics: Leadership Programs.
    • Leadership is taught. All leaders are coached or advised.
    • Learn, train and practice leadership skills that can be implemented immediately.
    • Incredible results if you implement!
  • “Tell Me About Yourself” or “What’s New?” Storylines
    • We ALL need to know what message we are “broadcasting” to the public whenever someone asks, “What’s new?” Or “Tell Me About Yourself”.
    • Learn the recipe to deliver the right message depending on whom you are speaking to and what you want out of that conversation.
  • Don’t Fall Prey To The 7 Dwarfing Habits that Make You Look Small (and How to Avoid Them).
    • Easy to conquer, tough habits to break… you can do it!
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Organizational Design

Organizational Design:

  • Your office space and it’s comfort directly affects your or employees mood and productivity.
  • Crappy surroundings, crappy mood.  Ultimately PMS sets in: Political Misery Syndrome.
  • Turn your large or small space to one of comfort and reflects your brand.
  • Easy solutions drawing from design and eastern / western mindful intentions.
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