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Be Relevant: What You Need To Know To Succeed and Why

Sick Of The Day Job? Need to Move On? Here’s the Plan…


We all day dream of doing something new when the old gig is just that… O.L.D.  It’s the same: politics, drama, commute, coffee, bathroom runs and same ole’ same old.  I remember thinking “Why make money for someone else when you I can do it for myself as an expert? Haven’t I done enough to be considered an expert?”  I read that once you do something 10,000 times, you are an expert.  Lately I’m wondering if procrastination could be a solid expertise.  Either way, I took it upon myself to go out on my own and here we are.

Spending time alone, which I have done, is one of the first hurdles. You will be doing lots of that… but soon meetings, coffee’s and even joining a co-working space will be in order and you this first stage stuff will be a blur.

Before you jump ship, there are factors to consider. They are the same for everyone out there reading this.

Here is a list to get your thought juices started.

What’s your niche?  Can’t be five, gotta pick one and make it to perfection THEN add other  areas.
What’s your Story?  How are you crafting your daily or weekly story to anyone you meet? This has to be revised depending on who you are speaking to.  This takes practice…lots of it.
Time Management.  How much time are you dedicating to your expertise on a daily, weekly and monthly basis? Can you devote full time to build a business?  I have your back 100%… but YOU have to believe in Y-O-U.
Trust.  You are going to feel fabulous one day and crap another day.  What to admit and to whom.
Family. You might think you are doing this alone, but you aren’t.  Your family has to be on board.  It’s a roller coaster and they need to agree to be your shipmate for the upcoming your emotional and financial eddy.

Not to overwhelm but you need a website, a logo and business card. Clever is always good.  Color counts and so does the font you pick.  While you are working, take 20 minutes a day to get these items in order before you say, “I quit”.

It IS challenging to get yourself off the ground, but 100% possible if you have these two personal characteristics: determination and consistency.  Period. Do you have those words in your heart, head and soul?

We run private one-on-one’s and groups to help you get over certain humps to smoothly move from one point to the next. We refer other experts who can help you on specific niches.  What goes around comes around.

Not to say you can’t do this alone, but it’s much easier if you have help, a sounding board and specific goals set out for each milestone. You may not know what to do first, second, or third or what to expect three-six months from now.

Reach out… let’s connect and see how we can help move your needle forward.  Jocelyn@SiderRoad.com


Jocelyn Greenky
Office Culture + Politics Expert. Entrepreneur. Author + Speaker. Global Brand Architect. #mentor. Mom of two amazing kids. #hustle #tech Fan of dogs & gospel.
Jocelyn Greenky

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