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Contest: Take Your Office Space from Drab to Fab!

Your office space and it’s comfort directly affects your mood and productivity at work. Crappy surroundings, crappy mood.  Ultimately PMS sets in: Political Misery Syndrome.  I have worked in the most fabulous offices and the biggest dumps where clearly the CEO didn’t care about appearance or mental health of the staff!

Enter here for a one hour FREE consultation of your space to take it from Drab to Fab in simple cost effective ways.  Via FaceTime or other video tools, we discuss simple design changes that will result in a culture of chicness and peace for you,  employees and / or colleagues.

Winner’s before and after pictures will be showcased online and via social media. You may opt out of being identified!

Enter to win by March 10th.  Winner Selected March 11th.  By signing up to the consultation freebie, you are automatically signed up to newsletter which is sent every two to three weeks.


Enter Here!



Jocelyn Greenky
Office Culture + Politics Expert. Entrepreneur. Author + Speaker. Global Brand Architect. #mentor. Mom of two amazing kids. #hustle #tech Fan of dogs & gospel.
Jocelyn Greenky

Comments (2)

  1. Judit Katonane Kovacs says:

    Dear Jocelyn
    I met with your offer at Visionary Leaders Summit. I am Judit from Hungary. We have turned my grandma’s flat to a small entrepreneurs’ community office in the city centre called Debrecen HUB http://debrecenhub.hu/. Would like to be a space where entrepreneurs with a system thinking mindset and putting value creation in focus, can step out from the traditional environment, get inspired and can develop their soft skills as well. We would like to be change makers in entrepreneurial culture. I have a motto: “That our life is a team enterprise and we are the most important resource of it, so let’s develop our-selves”.
    Hope to be part of your one hour journey and develop our space further!
    Best regards from Debrecen,

    1. Jocelyn Greenky Jocelyn Greenky says:

      Lovely to meet you! What a wonderful note of support for your team! Can you send me pictures of the inside of your grandma’s flat please? You can email them to me at Jocelyn@SiderRoad.com
      Looking forward to seeing them!

      Warm regards,

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