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Looking Forward

Looking Forward

Be proud of yourself.

First of all, you are still here as am I. Banging the drum as they say ….making the most out of everyday.

This week, each year, I look back at the accomplishments personally and professionally. The point is not to make myself feel like crap, but to pat myself on the back for milestones or bucket list items that were checked off. I don’t wish this year over like I have in the past. My wish for you and myself is to look at the upside and take heed in the downsides.

On a professional level, it was a great year; I met some very interesting people, accomplished some of the things I hoped to, and I earned the respect of people I admire. In 2017, I started my MBA, became a first time professor, continue to work with companies and professionals in creating environments for success, pushed my hobby of staging design to a paid one, was appointed managing director for a real estate firm, pushed my Spanish to the next level, and produced four large events. On a personal level, I was re-married, continue to raise two teenagers and four bonus young adults, be playfully annoyed with our three dogs, cooked, drank, ate killer pizza, became a binge OTT watcher, cried, was a good friend, didn’t drop the extra five pounds, felt disappointment in myself and most importantly, managed my mother’s ongoing dementia. She fortunately, is one happy camper.

The range fluctuated like our weather patterns and Trump’s moods.

Think of your list. Focus on the positive only. Soak it in like a perfect day at the beach. Remember that feeling as needed.

Now… let’s briefly discuss what didn’t work. In my practice, I hear and see the issues that are affecting people, most of them are the same issues that have been haunting them for years. As any sane person will attest, doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is not only maddening…it’s a waste of time. Wasting time is not something to take lightly; One. Can. Never. Get. Time. Back.

Given you have many goals to reach, massive amounts of money to make, people to meet and love, mindfully accepting and admitting the areas which just aren’t working could set you free. Listen to your enemy or someone who has found a few faults. As annoying as they are, consider the point of view and be honest with yourself as to what needs to alter to get a DIFFERENT result.

On average, it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic — 66 days to be exact. Be mindful, dedicated and determined to change one area in your life that’s not working. Not 10 or even two, one.

My goal is to be mindful and sustain my goals. No wavering. Change in goal is ok. Triple guessing is not.

And while I’m at it, I’ll also reflect on some of the things my children uttered once or 10x; I’ll remain calm, won’t sweat the small stuff, and l’ll listen to what they have to say, without interruption…not very different from what I want from my friends and co-workers,…preconceptions be gone.

The New Year is here. Join me in making a new habit that benefits Y-O-U.

Sending you an abundance of Love, Health and Luck for 2018.





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