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Be Relevant: What You Need To Know To Succeed and Why

Know It All—Be Relevant: What You need to Know and Why

All:  I’m always being asked the most juicy questions.  There is never a straight line but knowing what’s in line for you will save you time and aggravation.  Take the high road whenever you can.  Class act always pays off.

What are examples of office politics leading to you being fired?

Basically being shut out. If you feel like your not being included in standard meetings, emails or presentations, it’s time to start looking for a new position or at the very least discuss it with your boss and find out what’s going on. Good luck. I know how painful that is.

How do I frame a work-experience where I was forced to leave due to politics to future employers?

If you are asked why you left a position, it’s always safe to say that you moved on to your next consulting job because it was time to leave. You don’t need to say you were fired. If your employment was less than six months, many people don’t even put that position on a resume. Also, your references will be the ones who will back your work ethic. If you are pushed on the topic, you will have to admit that you had a difference of opinion and the best thing for the company was for you to leave.

Do you think people with hard-to-pronounce foreign names are less likely to successfully climb the corporate ladder?

No. It’s up to the people working with them or for them to get their names straight. So practice! I have a difficult name and anyone who can’t take 20 seconds to connect with me, ensure they are saying the name properly is moved off my list.   Diversity comes with challenges and benefits…. saying someone’s name properly is music to their ears… it’s the one thing people can hear over and over.

What does “COB today” mean in the office? How is it used?

Close of Business.  Bottom line… the last moment a Fedx truck can pick up a document.  Many companies close at 5 p.m. Every company has it’s own time schedule when COB is… Double check with the hardest working pro in your office.

On a scale of 1-10, how commonplace is it for aspiring entrepreneurs to bend or break the rules?

Depends on the experience of the entrepreneurs.  If one breaks the rules and is perceived as being “out of line” or “unprofessional” or worse yet “not knowing what your doing”, it will affect your relationships. For an example, some entrepreneurs ask potential investors to sign an NDA. If the investor at the other end is seasoned, they will know that this entrepreneur is inexperienced. Thus, the investor will be affected by this knowledge one way or the other. Bending or breaking rules is a great idea…but bounce of your idea first to a mentor or a trusted, experienced advisor first.

What do you do if the boss has an ‘office wife’ who is vindictively jealous of you and paints a bad picture of you to the boss?

Look for a new job. It’s tough to compete with that and in the end and the “office wife” stays, you loose.

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