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Be Relevant: What You Need To Know To Succeed and Why

Fresh Perspective

As one matures the beauty of perspective changes. In our 20s we can conquer the world, have endless energy, and consider a change to be positive. In our 30s some of us become cautious and start to look at challenges from a perspective that is not only singular.  My 40s and early 50’s have been filled with babies who are now teens or adults. Needless to say, one is forced to find patience and look at life from someone else’s point of view.

Recently a close friend in her late 40s didn’t get the position she wanted and sees no alternative at this time. Not only is there always a fresh road but embracing the chance of a fresh perspective will most likely lead you to success and will certainly be less stressful.

For those of us who have hit many bumps in the career road, eventually you may become hardened. To soften the stone that may have appeared in your heart and soul, delicately give yourself a pass.

With faith and fortitude it’s not the wrong road, the new road is the right road. Coming off as hardened and battered when forging new relationships on your new road, will hold you back and not set you free. The response to stones is to toss them aside. I’ve been working on a software for over three years with the intent of seeing a positive outcome. From out the blue, there is fresh interest and as a result, I have a new perspective on success for this project. For me, it IS a positive outcome no matter what. But if one is looking at dollars and cents, the software has yet to see the light. If I look at my career, to some, their perspective is, “Why isn’t she even more successful?,” and to others, I’m at a peak!

With all of this said, I encourage you to accept the glass half full and honor where you are now even if it’s a road you never expected.

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