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Be Relevant: What You Need To Know To Succeed and Why

The 9 Principles of Persuasion

Selling Your Point of View and Product—It’s One and The Same

Let’s face it, from the moment we wake up in the morning until we close our eyes at night, we’re all selling. Whether we’re selling ourselves, selling a product, selling a service, an opinion or point of view, doing it well is a trained skill.

It’s starts with authentically believing in yourself. If you are selling bullshit, pardon my French, this won’t apply to you. HOW you say something is what makes a difference. Voice, tone, word selection and body language are your transmitters for the other person to believe your message.

Often our perception of ourselves is different than reality—filming ourselves is the best way to see for yourself how you come across. The tape will help you insure that what you mean to say is coming across how you want it “broadcasted”.

Hint: No fidgeting, lose the um’s, uh’s, huh’s and you know lingo. Don’t forget to smile and emit warmth. The sooner you practice, the sooner it becomes second nature.

Let’s get to it since I know you all are busy.

  1. Build rapport: Work the room as I say. Smile. Say hello. Emote charm. Shake hands and make sure they know your NAME. Your Name is Your Brand.
  2. Grab their attention: This is where the art of storytelling comes into play. Tell a moving story or tell a joke so all eyes are on you from the minute the conversation starts.
  3. Gain Credibility: Tell YOUR story in a concise way that the crowd can easily understand your background. I’m a — —. Only with credibility will people listen. Make sure you drop in the problem you are solving with your expertise.
  4. Describe the solution: You are the expert. Describe how you solve the issue. Less words please. No one wants to hear you drone on and on.
  5. Set Expectations: Translation—how and the length it takes to accomplish the goal.
  6. Give proof it works: Unless you can refer to a proof it works, your shit out of luck. Checks, testimonials, social proof—whatever you have to do to demonstrate your way is the right way.
  7. Make an irresistible offer: Once you have them hooked, make an offer they can’t refuse, even it if it’s just once.   You might even give them a guarantee!
  8. Make it scarce or give a deadline; Most of us want what we can’t have.
  9. Call to Action: Tell your listeners how to take action. This is a BIG point that some forget to mention. Like this: Hire Me, Buy it…
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