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We are your office culture blueprint to help you build a work

environment that empowers individual performance.

At Sider Road we understand what it takes to build a culture of success. Our long history of working with large and small companies has given us insight and an understanding of the unique dynamics that are specific to each workplace. This comes from practical experience, research, trial and error, team coaching, one-on-one interaction, and listening. Our MISSION to transform your work environment into an effective work culture, on that empowers the team, embraces diversity, gender differences, and generational divides.

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Our Focus Creating a Culture of Success

Diversity comes with a unique set of challenges that often result in misplaced talent, miscommunication, and missed opportunities. But this doesn’t have to be the case. We help you have a more effective office culture. If you want to walk somewhere you don’t need a blueprint. But if you want to fly, you do. We are your office culture blueprint to help you build a work environment that empowers individual performance.

Our Focus:

To get it done, we build programs for improving oversight, feedback, recognition, advancement and personal satisfaction in the work environment.

Our Areas of


  • Office Culture – What they do when no one is looking
  • Office Politics –  What’s being said when they think you can’t hear
  • Diversity & Generational Dynamics – Culture and Gender — Reap the benefits from differences
  • Coaching – Soften the edge to sharpen the claw — Safe sounding board for individuals and groups
    • I work as a Culture Counselor and Office Muse to help senior executives and leaders to smooth out areas which are challenging with subordinates, bosses, and colleagues.  By being at work, I can see first-hand interactions with all levels and provide suggestions for improvement privately.  This cuts across several verticals mentioned above.

Know It All

Everyone should be armed with as much information as possible when starting a job, switching careers, re-entering or managing their current career. Information like: understanding basic terminology of your industry, finding a better way to respond when challenged, or discovering what makes the woman 20 years older WANT to listen to your ideas. Ask questions via Twitter at #KnowItAllJG


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