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Just ask. You may get the answer you want. Breathe in courage. Exhale fear.
by Jocelyn Greenky

Jocelyn Greenky is an accomplished Business Makeover Expert.  Focusing on physical design and culture, she covers major issues that are easily solved.  Think of her practice as Preventive Medicine.  Before issues get out hand, she and her team knows what issues to expect and solve for to create a positive environment.  From leadership, diversity / cross culture, generational dynamics, office politics and etiquette her expertise was built through real-life, practical, trial and error experience interacting closely with global C-Suite leaders, executives at all levels.  Organizational design is crucial for happy employees who spend most of their life’s hours at work. She is able to mold her 30+ year experience along with her MBA in Organizational Leadership and work with cultures all over the world into an environment built for success.   Jocelyn’s deep understanding of issues that cause consternation for organizations and employees alike are solved.

Office Culture

Success requires more than basic knowledge of the values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors of each group of people. Success requires a mindfulness of the individual and the development of personal growth through the understanding of one’s personal strengths and weaknesses.

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At Sider Road we understand what it takes to build a culture of success. Our long history of working with large and small companies has given us insight and an understanding of the unique dynamics that are specific to each workplace.

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After hearing Jocelyn speak at Villanova, I knew the students, faculty, and staff at Drexel would love her and more importantly what she had to share! Her insight is laser-point accurate to the realities of being successful in the work environment, and her her interactive delivery was keenly in touch with the wide demographics of our audience.

By Ann Wilson Drexel University
By Jenn Halweil

Jocelyn is one of the funniest, most insightful and creative brand strategists I have had the pleasure of working with. My nickname for her is the ‘inceptionator’ because she has sprouted so many ideas into execution. She understands what motivates people and how to inspire and expand their global impact.

By Jenn Halweil Legacy Impacts
By Andrew Goldman

Jocelyn Greenky is an outstanding guest speaker at the New York University class, TV NATION. Jocelyn’s easy-going charisma engages the undergraduate students with equal parts humor, candor, and insight. She always delivers a thoughtful presentation on office politics and the generational challenges today’s employees face in the workplace. Jocelyn educates the students that getting and doing a job is the easy part, but the real work comes with building a personal brand and managing it into a career. I am fortunate that Jocelyn has been such a wonderful and loyal guest speaker over the years as she is always the highlight of every semester she visits.

By Andrew Goldman Adjunct Professor NYU/Tisch School of the Arts


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Your office space and it’s comfort directly affects your mood and productivity at work. Crappy surroundings, crappy mood.  Crappy surroundings, ultimately PMS sets in: Political Misery Syndrome.  I have worked in the most fabulous offices and the biggest dumps where clearly the CEO didn’t care about appearance or mental health of the staff!

Enter here for a one hour FREE consultation of your space to take it from Drab to Fab in simple cost effective ways.  Via a virtual tools, we discuss how simple changes will result in a great culture for you and your colleagues.

Winner before and after will be showcased online and via social media. 

Enter to win by March 10th.  Winner Selected March 11th.

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