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Just ask. You may get the answer you want. Breathe in courage. Exhale fear.
by Jocelyn Greenky

Jocelyn Greenky is an author, holds an MBA (2019), is a Professor and is an accomplished Business Climate Expert.  She’s worked world-wide building trusting environments for success.  Her insight comes from interacting with global C-Suite leaders at Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized firms and start-ups.  She recognizes the day-to-day issues that need to be solved that are often overlooked.  Her results create positive environments by honing leadership skills and addressing cultural, generation and gender diversity, as well as office politics and etiquette.  

“A positive organizational climate is crucial to employees who spend most of their life’s hours at work.  We do it with a unique blend of been-there-done-that trial and error experience, and a forward-looking, holistic approach to problem solving.  Our results speak for themselves. ” says Jocelyn.

Office Climate

Work climate is the weather of the workplace. The day to day flow, interactions, process, communication process, operations and leadership skill sets. It's utilizing the power of diversity, inclusion, multiple generations and more...all work smoothly. Often times, fixing the climate will positively adjust the workplace culture. Untangling the issue to re-tie smoothly ... is the key.

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At Sider Road we understand what it takes to build a business climate of success. Our long history of working with large and small companies has given us insight and an understanding of the unique dynamics that are specific to each type workplace which includes global cultures, operational function, diversity and inclusion.

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After hearing Jocelyn speak at Villanova, I knew the students, faculty, and staff at Drexel would love her and more importantly what she had to share! Her insight is laser-point accurate to the realities of being successful in the work environment, and her her interactive delivery was keenly in touch with the wide demographics of our audience.

By Ann Wilson Drexel University
By Jenn Halweil

Jocelyn is one of the funniest, most insightful and creative brand strategists I have had the pleasure of working with. My nickname for her is the ‘inceptionator’ because she has sprouted so many ideas into execution. She understands what motivates people and how to inspire and expand their global impact.

By Jenn Halweil Legacy Impacts
By Andrew Goldman

Jocelyn Greenky is an outstanding guest speaker at the New York University class, TV NATION. Jocelyn’s easy-going charisma engages the undergraduate students with equal parts humor, candor, and insight. She always delivers a thoughtful presentation on office politics and the generational challenges today’s employees face in the workplace. Jocelyn educates the students that getting and doing a job is the easy part, but the real work comes with building a personal brand and managing it into a career. I am fortunate that Jocelyn has been such a wonderful and loyal guest speaker over the years as she is always the highlight of every semester she visits.

By Andrew Goldman Adjunct Professor NYU/Tisch School of the Arts


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